28 things I've Learned in 28 Years

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It's my birthday, on January 25th! In a pandemic year it feels strange to celebrate things such as birthdays. I'm happy to celebrate the beginning of a new age in a different way. A unique way. Dancing around my apartment in a dress I bought for last year's birthday with a full glass of Champagne and a movie loaded up sounds pretty fun to me.

With every new beginning comes new goals and dreams. I have been focused on the things that I have learned particularly in the last year (because it's the freshest in my mind). Here's a list of what I have learned. They aren't all lessons. Most of them are reminders to myself.

1. You do not need to and should not feel the need to share every thought and opinion on social media and with others. You are allowed privacy. You are allowed to not comment on every news story on every trend. 

This one might seem hypocritical because I'm sharing this with you reader but it is just a piece of my thoughts and it's in my control. What I mean is that I can still support and love others without posting it on social media. I can still enjoy a nice glass of wine without telling everyone I've ever met I just had a glass of wine. 

2. If you focus on the breakups, the bullies, the toxic people (which are inevitable for us all to encounter) there will be no emotional energy left for the people that matter in your life. 

So many nights I've spent worried about what bullies thought of me. Am I too loud? Not kind enough? Why don't they like me? What can I do to fly under their radar? It's just been a waste of energy. I caught myself doing this again recently. I run another blog and there have been an influx of internet bullies lately. Wasted emotional time. Realizing that I am giving them control to live rent free (and letting them destroy the home in my head they are living in) was a bit much. It was the jolt I needed to say no more. What a waste of time. I'm too old for this! 

3. Some things are uncomfortable. It's not my job to make sure everyone is comfortable. 

Another bad habit of mine is worrying about what others are feeling when we are talking about something uncomfy. You don't need to control the emotional energy in the room at all times. Some things are just uncomfortable. 

4. Comparison is the thief of joy. This I know to be true.  

5. My words hold weight. 

6. Never say never. 

Many times have been too dramatic for my own good and said "I'll never do this or never do that" and now I see it as immaturity in myself. I wouldn't want to restrict anyone else from being open to new things in life and shouldn't do that either. 

7. I can live anywhere I want. 

8. It's okay to set a boundary with friends. 

Especially when it's about time, money and/or emotional energy. If they don't understand maybe then they were never really a friend. 

9. I lay my trust in the universe to protect me. 

10. Most advice is bad and unsolicited. 

I've learned you have to take advice from people who you want to be like and taking advice by learning through others is a very powerful thing. That being said your experience is completely your own and their experience is completely their own. You can take pieces of advice that fit the life you want. Ultimately your life is up to you and only you. Definitely don't take advice from someone who does not have the life you want. 

11. Family is the utmost important value to me. 

12. I can love people without letting them stomp my sunshine. 

I can't tell you how many friends or acquaintances I've had where I have tried to dull my sparkle (corny but true) to make them feel whole. No more. 

13. I'll always be a fan girl so I'm going to embrace it not feel judged by it. 

14. Things I adored as a child I still do. Focusing on these things is what brings me joy. 

15. Depression comes when I'm still. Just keep swimming. 

16. You keep forgetting exercise releases endorphins! 

Thankful for this year to re-group and get back into a health routine. 

17. I love with my whole heart and this is my superpower not a weakness.

18. If I'm doing it out of vanity I'm not doing it for the right reasons. 

19. Home is wherever I nest.

20. You are a chameleon and can adapt to any situation. 

21. When it comes to my country what matters to me most is acceptance, love and safety. 

22. You are a great writer and enjoy it keep doing it!!

23. Magic is all around us. 

24. It's okay to not have all the answers. It doesn't make you any less intelligent. 

25. You may not have a lot of money right now but you do have time. 

26. Growing is beautiful. 

27. Food is wonderful and I'm grateful to currently have a healthy relationship with it. 

28. Sometimes people will just refuse to understand you and that's ok that's them not you. You don't need to explain yourself always. 

If you've made it this far thanks for reading! Tell me what you think in the comments below. 

Sydney :) 

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