Episode #1 Welcome to the To Sisters Podcast

Two Libras, a Leo, and an Aquarian start a podcast...

4 women in 4 different generations smile

Welcome to the To Sisters podcast. 4 different generations of women discuss their lives, love and family. 

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In this episode we discuss our horoscopes and personality traits. Do you believe your birth order or your birthday affects your personality? 

If you'd like to find out your enneagram you can here.

Find out your Myers-Brigg personality

Birth Chart here

Strength Finders List

Mom taught us this acronym. WAIT - WHY AM I TALKING? 

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We started recording this podcast in March 2021 it doesn't change the tone or discussion but it is interesting to go back and listen to us discussing getting our vaccines (the first rounds hehe).

On a much more somber note, we started recording this while my Uncle Philip was sick and then he had a stroke and was in the hospital before passing in November. We started a non-profit in his name. If you want to donate to our non-profit The Philip Cuomo Family Foundation you can do so here as well. Philip Cuomo Family Foundation

Thank you for listening. Hope you have a great week and may you stop. find joy. throughout it. 

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