In episode three of the To Sisters podcast we officially meet MY (Sydney's) young sister, Claudia! Yay! Claudia describes herself as vivacious, tall and has a clean aura. :) She's also a Libra like Michele.


Are our personalities and our habits shaped by genetics or environment? Maybe a bit of both. In your environment do you work best with a bit of organized chaos or is better to be pristine? Do we have the ability to change who we truly are or is this what we are born with? Do you hold onto your childhood dreams or have you moved to something completely different than what you ever thought? 

"Nothing is wasted" - Michele Cuomo

We had a bit of technical difficulties in this episode and Lisa popped off for a bit but she hops back on. We also recorded this episode before we got our vaccines (crazy!) in March 2021.

If you take only one thing from this episode listen to the end quote from baby Claudia that summarizes Claudia's personality to a T!  

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Thank you have a great week and may you stop. find joy. throughout it. 

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