Finn's Favorites


Having a puppy I would assume is like having a furry toddler. One that can run away at any moment AND though can sorta be left alone but cries often if you do. 

Being a dog parent has been a blast. I wouldn't trade these months for anything raising my sweet crazy lil pup. He is still learning but everyday he gets better at the basics. We are learning too every day what works with him and what doesn't. 

He loves his little toys. I especially love the plush ones but to be completely honest those ones are the first ones to be destroyed. Sometimes I can't resist they are so cute and cozy. I love seeing them strewn around the living room or in his crate bed. 

These are some of his favorites he's had from Petsmart. The links are affiliate links so if you buy from the links I make a tiny commission. :)

Check out his toys here.

My favorite is the frog which Finn kept for about 3 months before he started losing an arm and a leg. My second favorite which Finn still has is one Chris picked out. It's the purple krackle at the top left. Finn loves chewing it and the krackle sound is really nice and not at all annoyingly squeaky like some of the ball toys he owns. 


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