Halloween Movies Available to Stream October 2020

Movie night in our house usually revolves around us remembering a movie we have wanted to see for awhile. Then proceeding to search all our streaming accounts to find it only to be told it's unavailable or it was available but just left a platform the day prior. 

Having a list of the spooky movies I will be watching this month and where they are located is mainly for myself but I thought others would appreciate it too. I did the annoying work of finding them and their location so you don't have to!

Halloweenie Movies 

 Spooky Movie Located
1. Hocus Pocus Disney+
2. Practical Magic Hulu
3.  Halloweentown + Sequels Disney+
4.  The Adams Family Netflix
5.  Sleepy Hollow Netflix
6.  Nightmare Before Christmas Disney+
7.  Goosebumps Netflix
8. The Haunted Mansion Disney+
9. Coraline Amazon
10. Corpse Bride Netflix
11. Casper Amazon
12. Beetlejuice Amazon
13. Frankenweenie Disney+
14. Hotel Transylvania Disney+

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