Halloween Pet Costumes

As a new dog mom and Halloween fanatic, I believe it is my duty to share some of the funniest dog costumes I could find on Amazon. 

This season is always magic. Bringing a furry baby into the mix has made it even better. I have officially put all my Halloween decorations up very high so he doesn't eat all my fake cobwebs although he has gotten close. My revenge will be dressing him up in a costume he will most certainly try to take off. As long as he keeps it on for at least one good photo I'll be happy. It will be an adventure! 

As I was looking for Finn's costume I saw some really hilarious ones I had to share. We were laughing so hard. Half the fun is browsing the pet costumes and then reading the reviews and looking at the photos. Seriously, if you need a good laugh, highly recommend. 

Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! 

 Beetlejuice Dog Costume

This costume for a furry baby is perfect for a family group costume! 

Stegosauraus Dinosaur

Stegasaurus Dog costume

I'm debating about getting Finn a dinosaur costume either this one or another one I saw. Dinosaurs have started to become a theme of his life. We didn't even plan it that way. I think he would look so funny in it. 

Black Cat Bat

Black Cat Bat

My sister, Claudia has a black cat named Louie and I gave these ones to her as part of her birthday present. Claudia's birthday is end of September which has translated into me giving her cats Halloween gifts. I promise to get you a Claudia only present for Christmas sis!

Classic Lion Mane 

I say classic because this has got to be one of the most common animal costumes I see but every time I see it I love it. It works for both dogs and cats! Probably easy to take on and off for fussy ones. 

Cowboy Rider

Cowboy on Dog's back costume

I might still get Finn this. It's just so funny and clever. 

Holy Hound


Chris found this one and both of us were crying we were laughing so hard. Hope this isn't considered blasphemy but animals are a part of a higher power you can't deny it! As pet owners we are truly #blessed!

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