Introducing Taylor Swift Soap at the Village Cinema!

Taylor Swift themed soap

My friend Stina and I use to listen to Speak Now everyday in tv production class during high school. We would make videos and go into in depth detail about the songs the meaning behind them. We would be in complete awe of the music. 

Stina went on to attend the first ever 1989 secret sessions in New York City. If you don't know what the secret sessions are watch this video. Basically Taylor Swift invited her most coveted fans to her homes to have the fans be the first ones to hear her new album. She did this with 1989, reputation and Lover albums. According to sessioners, Taylor has a candle in her home she burns called Santal Blush. She also bakes these delicious Chai Eggnog Sugar cookies. I make them every Christmas and Halloween I add Pumpkin. 

Taylor Swift's Chai Eggnog Sugar Cookies

Some things never change, like making videos and loving Taylor Swift. Stina and her friend Paige started a business in the pandemic (like me!) inspired by Taylor Swift. It's called Saltbox Soap and each soap is tailored to a Taylor lyric or song or album. Ever since they announced it I've been bouncing off the walls excited hoping I could hold some in my boutique shop. Now, that day is here! 

Sessions Soap

Sessions, is now available at The Village for a limited time. Each soap order will include a Taylor Swift sticker. If you order the City of Stars Necklace and a Sessions soap you will receive a 20% discount at checkout. The price tag should read $22 😉 for a bar of this angelic soap and a golden star necklace. If you just want a soap you will still receive it with a sticker for $13. Free shipping in the shop for the rest of the month of February. US ONLY (sorry to my international friends). 

The Sessions soap is pink with glitter smells just like the Santal Blush candle woodsy and spicy with a touch of floral. Each soap is handcrafted made with love. 

TV Production days when we were directing our live high school shows.👇🏻

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