New Years Resolutions Look a Little Different This Year

I have to be honest, I'm exhausted. While the guise of social media is poised to look productive, organized and fabulous 24/7 I haven't felt either of those things in months. The days are starting to completely blur together and I'm experiencing brain fog on a daily basis. 

That being said it's difficult for someone like me who usually loves setting goals every month and for years when there are so many unknowns right now. The pandemic has literally forced me and everyone I know to take things as they come. I do feel this is a great strength to have in the long run. In the short term it feels paralyzing and traumatic. How am I suppose to make a new years resolution when I don't even know where I will be living, my job, my personal life what if I never see my friends this year what if I go another year without seeing my parents, my grandfather? These are the spirals I mentally have when I think about goal setting. Something I'm normally incredibly excited about. 

That is why this new years resolution I am focused on things I can control. I have two resolutions and they are tangible things that are almost completely in my control. I can't tell you how relieved I was when it occurred to me that they are things in my (almost) complete control. 

The first is to focus on my personal style. I've never been a naturally "stylish" person. My sister has always had style! Me on the other hand I've kinda thrown stuff together and called it clothes. I buy things willy nilly that I find cute some of which I have (shamefully) never worn. I have always been somewhat uncomfortable in "comfortable" clothes and felt my best all dressed up. Living in LA has helped over the years understand stylists a but more. It's a tangible goal though and I am starting to plan how each month how I'm going to make that goal real. At the heart of it is to become more confident and comfortable in my skin.

Second goal which I see as being the harder one of the two but the most necessary one is to start waking up early, naturally. My sleep is all over the place and I want more time in the day. This is especially hard but possible for improvement because of my current unemployment. I want to be successful and most successful people wake up with the sun (sometimes earlier, gah). For now 7am is my goal. I know I am not ready for 5am, yet.  One day I'm sure. I get up for productions at this time but for now at home on my own the goal is 7am. 

What are your new years resolutions? Are you still making some like it's a normal year or have you moved past it? Sometimes having no resolutions is a resolution. For those people, cheers! We are making it through slowly but surely we will make it through. 

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