My favorite restaurant in LA is Spartina. It's a well balanced mix of Italian cuisine mixed with a California flare. They have a really lovely ambience when you go there and a delicious espresso martini. When I saw they were starting a monthly subscription service that delivers gourmet meals to you. I had to try it. The price was steep and was eventually why I stopped my subscription. If I'm going to be paying that much money I want to at least be able to enjoy the ambience too. 

It was through Table22 and I tried the first box that had a nice lamb ragu that Chris loved. The Lamb ragu was a bit rich for my taste but I loved the pistachio pasta dish. I plan on making it again my own way. Basically the subscription box gives already made supplies and you just have to heat it up. One thing I didn't like about it was that they didn't give some ingredients like shallots but the recipe called for shallots. Shallots are on the pricier side so that I found kinda weird especially because the subscription box is not affordable. I used red onions instead which worked fine and I also added chicken to it which gave it more protein. I always try to add a veggie and a protein to my pasta dishes because I love pasta a bit too much. The pistachios gave the dish and nutty flavor (obviously) but not overpoweringly nutty it made it creamy and feel like there was already enough protein.

You can watch me make it here. This video did well on Instagram and normal on Tiktok. I love that song. Hey Lover! 


@sydneycinema Pistachio Rigatoni with Chicken. #dinner #routine #pasta #pistachios #whatsfordinner ♬ Hey Lover - The Daughters Of Eve

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