I never considered myself a "podcast" person. It just seemed like another form of boring radio. Sorry to say it but isn't radio pretty much dead? What are your thoughts? Does anyone still listen to the radio by choice? 

The benefits of podcast listening though is it feels more familiar like sitting down with friends and chatting, getting advice from mentors you wouldn't normally hear from so directly.

Although, I love the Hulu show Only Murders in the Building, i'm definitely not someone who listens to true crime podcasts. I tried to listen to the most famous one for a few episodes but I didn't like the agenda-y feeling I was getting from it. I love a good mystery don't get me wrong but the true crime sphere is just not my thing. 

I'm excited to release our podcast we've been working on soon. Working on a podcast with my mom, aunt and sister has been rewarding. I can't wait to share it with everyone once we've recorded a few more episodes. Until then, here are my most beloved podcasts I love to listen to.

A Beautiful Mess Podcast


Shoutout to the OGs of blogging, my favorite bloggers started a podcast. It brings me so much joy to hear from them each week. Especially after reading their blog for so many years this feels more personable. It's a lifestyle podcast with anecdotes about money, homes, and running a business with your family! New episodes every Monday!


Financial Feminist


I've been following Tori Dunlap on Tiktok since last year. She breaks down how money management is feminist. It's nice to hear financial advice from a millennial woman because we are both living in this time and age together alot of "money gurus" seem to preach from a very old patriarchal way of thinking and living. 


Office Ladies Podcast


I loved Jenna Fischer's book. I recommend it to everyone. I had to check out her podcast with Angela Kinsey. It's so good! I love hearing their stories on set and how they worked together. The way they remember things differently and hearing stories I've never heard before makes me so happy! I especially love anyone that confirms how brilliant Mindy Kaling is (duh, we been knew!). 



Let me know your favorites in the comments! I am always adding to my never ending list of things to listen to! :)

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