The Halloween Collection

Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday every year it is magical. I have no doubt that this year, even with 2020 madness will still be a magical one. When I was thinking about making an online shop I was focused on a Halloween shop. I would make products year round to sell during Halloween. Of course with everything going on in the current state of unemployment not having work it's been um, tougher to hold everything in the shop that I would like to hold. Just not quite there yet to have 2,000 products to sell. Here's hoping I can go all out during NEXT year's halloween season. 


Don't fear! I still have hauntingly good items I will be selling this month. Like these cauldron bath bombs, I adore with a lavender scent. Necklaces for the little witch in all of us. A notebook to cast spells and a few candles good enough for a seance. 

How will you be enjoying your Halloween season? I plan on watching at least 31 Halloweenie films. What are your favorites? I love Pratical Magic, Hocus Pocus and all the Disney Halloween movies. I should probably say I love 'Spooky' not 'Scary' Halloween movies. 

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