Things that brought me joy this week

It's been a rough week. I've been trying to stay "positive" but we all know that is not an easy task when it feels like everything is coming at you from all sides. Sometimes you do need to have a good cry and sit with sadness or anger. Despite the challenges of the week and society as a whole weighing on me...It's important for me to notice the little things, tiny details of life that bring me joy. I wanted to share things that brought me joy this week, despite those challenges. 

1. Cinnamon Brooms

This morning I woke up with pep in my step because our entire home smelled like cinnamon. I bought one last night when I was feeling down. Waking up to the cinnamon smell instantly made me feel happy my favorite season is here!

2. Crusty Socks

Crusty Socks Show

Posting the first photo of our adult themed sock puppet show! We've been working on this show for 4 years (no joke). He's so cute. More on him later. 

3. Yoga with my Aunt Michele. We have been doing yoga together twice a week during this entire pandemic. It has been very calming and the one constant normal thing in my life. Thank you Michele you've made the last 6 months joyful in a not joyful time. I'm grateful for all my wonderful Aunts and Uncles, I love you all so much. 

4. Making this Tik Tok video about setting up my Halloween decorations (hehe) the day after Labor Day. 

5. Seeing all the people viewing this website from around the world. We have one piece of jewelry left in the shop! This Backlot Ring. :)

I hope everyone reading this finds little pieces of joy in your weeks even if it's been a difficult one. 

Virtual hugs, 



  • Hope you enjoy them John!

  • Thanks for the beautiful notepads! 🙏


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