What's in a Name?

Before I fully knew what this boutique shop would be I knew I wanted to start a business. A little voice (little but always LOUD) in my head said what about filmmaking?! I thought ok how do I incorporate something I am well versed on (movies) with the unknown of starting a boutique? Also, the film industry at least in my case is on a big pause right now. 

A few things I've always loved and anyone who knows me knows this - swimming, halloween, New York and the movies (we get it girl you like movies sheesh). I kept thinking hmm I want to the shop to be something about California the image the state evokes California cool. I love going to boutique shops when I'm in a new city they are always in villages - oh that's a good word I love villages, especially THE village in New York. That way I can combine one thing I adore, New York, with another thing I love movies - the word cinema captures not only a place but a feeling. That's it. I want to capture a feeling and give it to others. Kind of how movies do that for me. 

Exploring a new place wandering on cobblestones in a village. Brick buildings, low lights the sound of a projector running and the smell of fresh popcorn the escapism together. The leaving of the theatre with a new appreciation of your own life in all its complicated plot twists and storylines. In the end you always triumph.

I also wanted and still want the shop to be about entertaining at home. My partner, Chris and I always love to throw a party especially a themed party. You can check out our Instagram for all the theme parties we've thrown. Any excuse to dress up and have a good time. I would like to help others make entertaining fun, less stressful and more creative. Sitting around the dinner table with friends in an inviting space with good food, drinks and conversations.

We can't go to movie theaters right now. We can't have parties at home either. That makes me sad. I know this is only temporary in the grand scheme of things. It is paramount that we sacrifice those things now for the greater good. We can still enjoy our home for how it is in this moment in time. We can still decorate it to entertain ourselves, our family that lives with us, it can still be an inviting and cozy space. Great times are not cancelled. In our own home theatre whatever that means for you if it's a cramped dorm room, a sheet in the backyard, or a laptop in your bedroom. The magic of it all has not escaped us. It is still there, it just looks a little different. 

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