Welcome to The Village Cinema, we are happy you're here. The Village Cinema is an online boutique shop centered around entertainment. For people who enjoy movie references, television show binges and hosting dinner parties. 
It was started in the pandemic when, Sydney (hi, that's me) desperately missed going to the movie theaters and entertaining for friends at home. In doing so I essentially wanted to capture the whole experience (dressing up) of going to the movies or staying home (cozying up with a nice candle) to watch movies. 
I also wanted it to be a place for inside jokes pop references like a jewelry Betty would wear from Folklore, a candle that feels like a Nancy Myers movie, soap that smells like Taylor Swift, spooky candelabras that remind me of a Tim Burton film. Things that are related to our favorite movies, tv shows and pop stars. 
My hope is that it becomes a happy place, a community for other cinephiles and fans to come together and enjoy each other's company if only through the internet (for now).